Social Media Marketing

Social Media Stress

Stressing About Social Media Marketing?

Stop stressing about your social media marketing. You do not have to worry about trying to figure it all out. It's all been figured out for you! Yes, it is time for you to let someone help you with your social media marketing. You are aware that business owners, just like you, are using social networks to increase brand awareness, grow subscribers, generate leads, promote special offers and events. As a smart business owner, you realize the value in using social media marketing as a tool to grow your customer base and expand your market reach. You are making a very wise decision to incorporate social media marketing into your own marketing plans. But where do you start and what do you have to do to develop an effective social media marketing plan?

 Since it is the mission of Creative Marketing Techniques’ to serve your online marketing needs by providing you with the information, the training, the products, and services needed to put the FULL power of the Internet to WORK to GROW a loyal customer base and to EXPAND your market reach, we got you covered.

 There is a lot of work involved in managing your social media marketing, such as:

  1. Social Networks Audit
  2. Social Media Marketing Assessment
  3. Social Media Accounts Improvements
  4. Competitive Analysis
  5. Social Media Marketing Strategy
    1. Set Objectives
    2. Set Social Media Marketing SMART Goals & Forecast Outcomes
    3. Write Mission Statements for each Social Network Account
  6. Create New Social Media Accounts
  7. Develop Buyer Personas (up to 3)
  8. Blog Set Up
    1. Design Blog Structure
    2. Blog Post Layout
    3. Domain Name Registration
    4. Domain Hosting Set Up
    5. WordPress Installation
    6. Theme Installation
    7. Theme Customization.
  9. Create Social Media Game Plan
  10. Collect Inspiring Social Media Content from Industry Leaders, Competitors and Clients.
  11. Planning Content Strategy (“How to Do” subjects and topic ideas to create and/or & curate) problem-solving with client’s products and/services.
  12. Content Creation
    1. Writing (SEO & Links)
    2. Images Collection
  13. Content Curation
    1. Writing (SEO & Citations)
    2. Image Collection
  14. Conversion Path Building per offer
    1. Call-To-Action
    2. Landing Page
    3. Thank You Page
  15. Posting Content on Social Networks
    1. Scheduling on Social Media Platform
  16. Social Ad Management (Facebook & Twitter)


No Need to Panic!

You do not have to let this long list overwhelm you. Relax, take a deep breathe, and let us help you with your social media marketing efforts. We have it all figured out. You keep focusing on taking care of your current customers and let us focus on taking care of your Social Media Marketing Management.

With us you do have two options:

  1. You can choose to handle your social media marketing management yourself.


  1. You can choose to let us take care of your social media marketing management for you.


All you have to do is schedule your appointment to get One-On-One help with:

  • Auditing your social networks.
  • Assessing your social media marketing.
  • Improving your social network profiles.
  • Adding new social network profiles.
  • Setting SMART social media marketing goals.
  • Building your brand's awareness.
  • Analyzing your competition.
  • Developing your social media marketing strategy.
  • Developing your buyer personas.
  • Creating your social media game plan.
  • Building your conversion paths.
  • Posting to your social media networks.
  • Curating content and images.
  • Writing engaging content.
  • Advertising on social networks.

Plus so much more....

What are you waiting for?