Powerful Web Presence

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SignTo have a powerful web presence, you need to put the full power of the Internet to work.

What Is the Power of the Internet?

As you already know, the Internet opens the door for communication with the world about your wonderful brand of products and/or services. But, are you using the Internet’s maximum power to grow and expand your business?

Power is another word for understanding. You’ve heard it said, “Knowledge is Power,” Right?” Well, you can have knowledge, but you need to understand how to apply that knowledge to produce desired outcomes. Otherwise, you are not empowered by what you know.

For example, how much knowledge do we all have about the benefits of dieting and exercising to lose weight? Now, how many of us have the power to use that knowledge to lose weight and keep it off.

Using that knowledge to lose weight and keep it off is only possible when one gains a good understanding of how to apply that knowledge to their specific body type, health needs and lifestyle.

Knowledge must be customized to meet specific needs to empower a person to achieve desired results. There is lots of knowledge on the worldwide web about online marketing, so much that causes information overload. You need to understand how to use that knowledge to put the full power of the Internet to work to grow your business.

What Is the FULL Power of the Internet?

Putting the FULL power of the Internet to work to grow your business, requires a good understanding of what exactly the Internet can help you achieve. What are all the outcomes that online activities can produce? Of course, you are on a mission to use the Internet to increase the number of people you can help and to increase your income. Perhaps you have built a website or had someone build one for you. You may have discovered that just because you build a website does not mean, they will come.

There are a lot of components to put in place between building a website, driving traffic to your website, converting visitors into subscribers, converting subscribers into leads, nurturing leads, converting leads into customers. Some website visitors show up ready to buy, but the majority must first get familiar with your brand and come to like and trust you.

To put the full power to work to grow your business, first set a goal for each quarterly campaign. Let’s say you are a new business owner with a new website. Congratulations! You set a goal for your first quarter to attract 100 new customers to your website to buy your product. The proper procedure is to build a conversion path that will lead your target market to take your desired action.

Your desired actions are click here to learn more and click here to buy the product. Instructing a visitor to click here, is known as a call to action.

The real power of the Internet is in understanding exactly how to structure and use a conversion path.

The Structure of a Conversion Path

  1. Landing page (to peak interest with a clear call to action).
  2. Form (to collect contact information before revealing your offer).
  3. Offer Page (to make a full presentation of your offer).

Now you have knowledge about how to structure your conversion paths. To use your knowledge to make a powerful impact, write content that speaks to a problem and the solution of your ideal customer and then present your product as the way to solve the problem.

Your number one objective is to meet your ideal customers wherever they are in the buyer’s journey. When your offers address problems (or pain points) and offers your product as the solution you can help someone solve their problem. This is the key to putting the full power of the Internet to work to grow your business.

Written correctly, your offers will put website visitors in a mood to give up their contact information to learn more about how your product will solve their problem. Your landing page will engage your visitors because your information specifically explains how your product benefits them by solving their problem.

Your content puts them at ease because they have found the solution product they came to your website in search of. The full power of the Internet is enables you to deliver real value to your customers. The full power of the Internet enables you to turn website visitors into loyal customers. The full power of the Internet allows your customers to refer their friends and family to your website. Subscribe to receive updates to Strategic San Speaks blog.