New Online Marketing Rules

Rules of engagement are changing. As Online worker, myself I ready to more forward making every moment count towards getting some work done. What sense does it make to read an engaging email, with a powerful message, that is missing its CTA.

There is no call to action, such as an appointment button. The purpose of these “new” online marketing rules are to point out the obvious little things that could make a big difference. Perhaps increase productivity and effectiveness.

Yes, I am an idealist. I see habits are good to set in place how things should be to bring and dismiss non-sense. Whatever hinders forward movement MUST be changed. Capeesh? Am I right or Am I right? See my signature and book an appointment button. It is a perfect example of productive and effective engagement and yes, I say so myself. 

appointment button

Rule #1

Always include an APPOINTMENT button in your email signature. Make it easy for your prospect to book with you. After all, an appointment is the entire purpose of prospecting, right?
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