Cassandra Lee Williams started a marketing career as a telemarketer for Naco Resorts in 1987.  She went from telemarketing to business owner offering various marketing services; telemarketing, desktop publishing, online marketing, marketing consulting, inbound marketing, and web design.

Cassandra is on a mission to help lots of business owners build a powerful web presence. With her inbound marketing know-how and her creative approach to web design, she has a lot to offer to clients. Anything a client wants or needs their website to do (and its possible to do it) Cassandra has the skills to do it, or find out how to do it, or find someone who can do it.

As Cassandra’s clients you get the benefit of her “all things are possible” attitude. Cassandra is a catalyst to help you live your dreams. She believes she was born to help you succeed grow and expand your business. If you feel the need to know more about Cassandra, just click here. Otherwise, continue scrolling down the page to see the history of Creative Marketing Techniques’, LLC.

Cassandra started Creative Telemarketing Techniques’ as a stay at home mother. At the time her only child, a daughter, was 13 years old. Cassandra had moved to a remote location and no longer had access to family providing after school care for her daughter. It was hard to find an employer that would allow her to be home when her daughter got on and off the school bus. Therefore, Cassandra decided to start a homebased business using her gift of gab, offering telemarketing services. The goal was to earn an income without allowing her child to become a latchkey kid.

After a few years, the name was changed to Creative Marketing Techniques’ to take the limits off the marketing services her company could provide. As life changes, Cassandra found herself needing to work outside the home again. By this time, her daughter was older, and Cassandra had moved back near family who could help her with afterschool care again.

It was while working at Gulf Coast Consumer’s Edge that her boss, Kim Campbell (now the managing editor of Write Stuff Enterprises, LLC) encouraged her to learn how to use a computer. See Cassandra made her money using her telemarketing skills to sell advertising receiving an hourly rate plus bonuses.

At the time, Cassandra could not see how typing on a computer would increase her income, in her present position. Cassandra saw typing on a computer as taking away from the time she could be increasing her income. Kim persisted and even wrote it in Cassandra’s evaluation that Cassandra was unwilling to learn new skills.

Cassandra decided to give in and learned how to use a Mac to type adds into a QuarkXPress newspaper layout. Learning how to use a computer was one of biggest blessings, as that pivotal experience contributes to present earning potential an awesome way. Kim has always had such a powerful influence with me, and I am very thankful for our relationship that spans from last millennium into this one. I get a kick out of saying things like that since my lifetime spans two millenniums.

When the web became commercialized, Cassandra became fascinated by the way the web made it possible to communicate with people anywhere, anytime. She purchased her first computer and begin surfing the web. When she discovered others were using the web to market businesses, she saw the opportunity to learn how to use the web to help clients market their businesses. So, the journey of learning about how to use the web to grow and expand a business, began. Cassandra’s curious nature and willingness to learn new things has served her well.  She has learned most of what she knows as a self-learner. She was Inbound Certified through HubSpot Academy and is working on getting her Inbound Marketing Certification through HubSpot.

In January 2015, Cassandra enrolled in Ashford University, a Forbes Business School and has 3 years towards her eMarketing bachelor’s degree. In October 2019, Cassandra enrolled in the Art Institute of Pittsburg-Online Division Web Diploma Program to get formal training in web design. She managed to take four classes, Applications & Industry, Principles of Design, Digital Color Theory, and Photoshop before the school closed March 2019.  Cassandra has self-learned WordPress skills and continues to learn new skills, daily. Continuing to educate oneself is the nature of marketing, web design and WordPress and Cassandra is an intentional leaner who loves to learn.

Cassandra loves to meet new people, especially entreprenuers. She loves to help businesses grow. She loves to build WordPress websites and realizes that she gets such a thrill when talking to a prospective client about their business, when designing the look and feel of a new website, when building a new website and when the client sees their new website for first time. Cassandra aka Strategic San is a woman loves to plan. If she can’t plan it, nobody can. “Failing to Plan is like Planning to Fail” — Benjamin Franklin