Securing Your Website



  1. Increase the number of visitors who will trust your website and become customers.
  2. Prevent Google from flagging your website as unsafe in Google search results.
  3. Prevent hackers from hacking your website to steal your customer’s data.
  4. Peace of mind for you, your visitors, and your customers.

A secure website helps your target market find, access and trust your website. There are at least 4 reasons you must secure your website. As you know, consumers use search engines to search for problem-solving solutions as part of their decision making process. “When making a decision, humans consider two types of information: information they have acquired through their prior experience of the world, and further information they gather to support the decision in question” (Moat et al, 2016, p. 685). Without an encrypted and secure website consumers may be prevented from reaching your website because Google flags unsecure websites.

It is easy to identify safe websites by looking for the padlock in the address bar, as indicated in the image above. In addition, most high quality virus protection, consumer’s  use to protect their computers, also prevent consumers from reaching potentially harmful websites. Websites that are not encrypted by the installation of an SSL certificate are flagged as potentially harmful.

The main reason sites without the padlock are deemed potentially harmful, is because of hackers. Website security is important to prevent hackers from stealing your customer’s data. Today, we live in a digital world where computers are a part of our everyday lives. DEBABRATA DEY et al (2012)  writes, “In a society that depends on computer-based systems and networks for almost everything, security of computerized systems is critical for individuals and organizations alike. The first step to protect ourselves and our customers from hackers is to encrypted our websites by the purchase a quality SSL certificate. This action step will help increase your conversion rate, making it possible for more “ready to buy” consumers to find, access, and trust your problem-solving information.

When your target market is able to find, access and trust your problem-solving information, you have the opportunity to help them solve their problem. Then, when your visitors find value in your information and trust your website, they are more likely to decide to purchase products and/or services needed to solve their problem. However, if your target market is prevented from finding,  accessing and trusting your website, purchases are prevented. If you are not hitting your projected conversion rates, could it simply be the fact that your website is flagged as potentially harmful and your target market cannot find and access your website? It is just plain old common since to purchase SSL certificates for all of your websites, if you really expect to build a loyal customer base and expand your market reach using the Internet.  Click here to purchase SSL certificates, now.

For more information, watch the below video.

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