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The #1 Online Marketing Firm for Putting the FULL Power of The Internet to Work Increasing, Expanding and Growing Business.

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Let Creative Marketing Techniques’ use the FULL Power of The Internet to increase bottom line, expand brand awareness, nationally, and grow a loyal customer base. 

 Creative Marketing Techniques’ provides the products and services needed for productive and effective online marketing. These products and services are based on “Four Cornerstones of Online Marketing”. The Four Cornerstones of Online Marketing are website/mobile app, Lead Capture, Marketing Management, and Relationship Management. Every company engaged in using the Internet to market their business must have at the foundation of their online marketing all four of these cornerstones to succeed at building a powerful web presence. Creative Marketing Techniques is your full service e-Marketing solutions provider. Here you will find every solution needed to get found online, to convert and nurture leads, to measure revenue and to retain customers.

In Today’s digital world, the buyer’s journey typically begins with an online search. Search results that leads a visitor to a website yields organic trffic. Thus, as a marketing manager, your first challenge is getting found online and meeting your website traffic goals each quarter. Now, if your website is performing and you are presently meeting and exceeding your quarterly website traffic goal, good for you.

However, if your quarterly website traffic goal  is not being met, let’s talk website performance, content strategy, SEO and etc. Rest assured! It is very simple to discover how to Creative Marketing Techniques is your #1 marketing management  solutions provider. Let’s Talk! Book Your Discovery Session, Now!

For every challenge, Creative Marketing Techniques has the solution. If your challenge is getting found online, let’s talk website performance solutions, content strategy solutions, SEO solutions and etc.

If your challenge is the quality of your leads, let’s talk CRM Software solution, CRM Strategy solution, and buyer persona(s) solution. If your challenge is measuring revenue or retaining customers, let’s talk proving ROI solutions and customer retention solutions! 

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About Your Marketing Management Challenges. Let’s talk, solution. Solution. Solution. Solution. Creative Marketing Techniques’ is your solution!

Cornerstone #1

Website/Mobile App



Cornerstone #2

Lead Capture


Cornerstone #3

Marketing Management

Cornerstone #4

Relationship Management

Marketing Management Coaching

Marketing Management Coaching you to put the FULL Power of the Internet to WORK;

• Increasing bottom line.
• Expanding brand awareness , nationally.
• Growing a loyal customer base.

Marketing Management Coaching (requires a quarterly commitment).

1 on 1 Marketing Management Coaching $10k
Group Marketing Management Coaching $125K