What We Do

As your external marketing consultant, we will meet you wherever you are in the process of making your offers available to the people you want to help. Bottom line, business is about serving people. We understand that you started your business to serve people who need or want the products and services you have to offer. In meeting you where you are in the process, we start with an initial consultation. In the initial consultation, we ask specific questions related to your business and your vision for what you hope to accomplish. We also allow you to ask us questions, so you can gather the information you need to decide if our marketing firm is a good fit for you. Once you decide that we are a good fit for your business, and the contract is signed, we will get to work. Check out all we can do for your business. 

Marketing Management Consultant

Marketing Management

Quarterly Campaign Development & Management

Goal Setting & Forecasting

Buyer Personas Development

Facebook Ad Management




Industry Leaders


Google Research
WordPress for Website Set Up

Website Set Up

Design & Layout Wesbite

Domain Name & Hosting

Install & Configure WordPress & Plugins

Install & Customize Theme

Content Marketing

Write SEO Blog Posts

Proofread for Logic

Edit for Grammar

Content Marketing
Landing Page for Conversion Path

Build Conversion Paths

Lead Generation System

Call-To-Action (CTAs)

Landing pages

Thank-You pages

Social Media Marketing

Social Network Audits

Social Media Competitive Analysis

Post Content on Social Networks

Social Media Marketing Assessments

Social Media

Now What?

This is a comprehensive look at what we can do for your business. To help you understand how to select the best services for your business, we have put together three retainer packages for you to choose from. Click here to see the retainer packages.