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Thinking About Working At Home?

Thinking about working at home can be both exciting and intimidating. Exciting because of the unlimited potential and intimidating because there are so many work at home opportunities to consider. You may be a young mother with small children not wanting to rely on strangers to provide daycare for your babies or you may be an older woman looking forward to retirement. Whatever your situation, are you thinking about starting your own home-based business? Starting your own home-based business comes with a lot of questions. You may be wondering what type of business to start, and exactly how to get started. Since you are online reading this blog post, you may be searching for a home-based business you can do online.

When I started my home-based business, it was because I refused to allow my twelve-year-old daughter, an only child, to become a latchkey kid. All her life, I had the help of my grandmother and mother to babysit her while I worked or went to school. My situation changed. I moved to a remote area when my daughter entered junior high school. No longer was it possible for my grandmother or mother to help with after school care. It was impossible to find an employer who would schedule my work hours so I could be home to see my daughter off to school and be home when she returned from school. My husband and I agreed that I would, for the first time, be a stay at home mom.

Since I had always been an income earner, I started thinking about started my own home-based business. I thought about my skill set. What skills did I have that I could turn into a service to provide for others? I have always been a great communicator and my heart was in starting a good news newspaper. There was so much sad news being reported and I knew there was good news to be reported, as well. However, when I consulted a business development expert and was given an estimated start-up cost, I had to put starting a newspaper on the back burner. Then, I thought about how I was good at talking on the phone and setting appointments.

Yes, I have the gift of gab. I worked for Naco Resorts setting appointments for people to tour Hickory Hills and Indian Point timeshare resorts in Gautier, Mississippi. I decided to start a home-based telemarketing service in 1992, called Creative Telemarketing Techniques’. My first client was an Aflac Medicare Supplement insurance agent. He used to go to the county courthouse and get a list of the senior citizens with their contact information. I would call them up to schedule an appointment for him to make a sales call. My next clients were publications, Senior Citizen News and Smile Publications which hired me to set appointments for their commercial display ads sales people. I even outsourced telemarketing jobs to three other stay at home moms.

When the telemarketing laws changed, which made it illegal for telemarketing services to be home-based businesses, I changed the name of my business to Creative Marketing Techniques'. The name change took the limits off the marketing services I could provide. I got away from being a telemarketing service provider to offering other marketing services. One area of service added was desktop publishing; designing business cards, flyers and brochures. In 2001, I brought Creative Marketing Techniques’ online and begin learning how to use the Internet to help clients grow their businesses. In 16 years, I have learned how to put the full power of the Internet to work to grow a loyal customer base and to expand market reach.  I learned what must be put into place for building a powerful web presence, which I refer to as The Four Cornerstones of Online Marketing.

If you are seriously wondering what type of business is a good fit for you, consider becoming an affiliate marketer. You can build a business in affiliate marketing based on your passion or your experience. You can learn how to turn your passion or experience into a very lucrative income, the kind of income that will allow you to be a stay at home mom. There are many opportunities in affiliate marketing, but the first thing you need to do is get connected with people in this industry and learn from their experiences.

I have met some fascinating people in this industry. Today, one of these people Cassandra Goode, did a Facebook live presentation where she gives six tips about effective marketers. Let me paraphrase her tips. She said effective marketers 1) make no assumptions, 2) are storytellers, 3) build relationships, 4) are givers, 5) know everything is a test (an experiment), and 6) are laser focused on a niche. I recommend you watch Cassandra Goode’s video here below.

Posted by Cassandra Goode on Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Cassandra Goode gives some awesome tips for effective marketing. It is very important to have a growth mindset, because as she stated, trends appear and technology changes fast. Effective marketers are willing to learn new things all the time, yet remain true to their own niche and passions. If you are seriously thinking about working at home, find out more about Cassandra Goode. Just click here to connect with her on Facebook.


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