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It the mission of Creative Marketing Techniques' to put the full power of the Internet to work to help our clients grow and expand their business. We function as your external marketing management consultant. As your external marketing management consultant, we provide the help you need to develop a powerful online presence. With a powerful online presence, you can grow a loyal customer base and expand your market reach. We help you build your powerful online presence on a solid foundation. We refer to this solid foundation as the Four Cornerstones of Online Marketing.

 The Four Cornerstones of Online Marketing

  1. Content Management System (CMS).
  2. Lead Generation System (LGS).
  3. Marketing Management System (MMS).
  4. Customer Relationship Management System (CRM).

Notice that each cornerstone corresponds to a system. It takes systems to build a powerful online presence.  All products for online marketing is related to one of the above cornerstones or systems. To get the job done you will need:

  • Domain Name Registration   
  • Website Hosting.
  • Website/Mobile App Builder
  • Website Forms
  • Email Database Manager
  • Automation Workflows
  • Campaign Manager

The FULL Power of the Internet

To put the FULL power of the Internet to work to grow your business, requires a good understanding of online marketing systems and how to make them work for your business. When these systems are all working for you, the outcome is a powerful online presence. There are a lot of components to put in place between registering a domain name and converting visitors into customers. To begin to put the full power of the Internet to work for your business, you need up to date online marketing information. Creative Marketing Techniques’ website exist to provide you with up to date online marketing information about products and services. You can use the information you find on our website to do-it-yourself or you can hire us as your external marketing consultant and make the transition to inbound marketing methods.

Why Inbound Marketing?

Traditional marketing no longer works. Due to the Internet, customers have changed the way they shop; therefore, business owners must change the methods used to reach target markets. Gone are the days when intrusive advertising works.

Today’s customers are savvy shoppers who use the Internet to search for products and services to solve their problems or accomplish their goals. “The Internet has become a valuable tool to optimize the success of marketing of goods and services, as a practice deviating from the traditional marketing practices” (Tamilarasan, 2014). You must use creative marketing techniques' that includes inbound marketing stratgies to attract your ideal customers.

A form of e-marketing (or Internet marketing) is a method of attracting prospects and engaging with them across the buyer’s journey known as inbound marketing. “Inbound marketing is a cost-effective way of promoting a company that encourages potential customers through the use of informative and educational content (such as blog posts, Webinars, white papers, and e-books), SEO, and social media” (Staton, 2016, p. 22). Making the transition to inbound marketing is not as hard as it may appear, when you hire a marketing management consultant that understands why you want to help your customers. You need to hire a marketing management consultant who also knows how to help you win customers with inbound marketing strategies.

Inbound marketing involves a conversion process that meets a customer wherever they are in the buyer’s journey and helps them to solve their problems, better than the competition. Starting an inbound marketing agency is the best entrepreneurial pursuit for a person with a bachelor’s degree in eMarketing aspiring to provide marketing services to companies using the Internet to grow their businesses.

Inbound marketing means transforming business to be more helpful, more human, more empathetic. The inbound marketing methodology follows the buyers journey; awareness, consideration and decision. At the awareness stage, a buyer realizes or has symptoms of a problem or opportunity that inbound marketing addresses by providing content that identifies the problem. At the consideration stage, a buyer clearly understands their problem and are searching for various ways to solve their problem. At the decision stage, a buyer has decided on a solution and is shopping for the tools needed.  

Companies new to digital marketing may prefer to outsource their digital marketing needs as opposed to hiring full-time digital marketing employees. Even if a company does hire a full-time digital marketing staff there are still consulting services an inbound marketing agency, like Creative Marketing Techniuqes', can provide.

What Inbound Marketing Agencies Do

An inbound marketing agency provides creative marketing techniques' hand in hand with inbound marketing consulting and services using a proven digital marketing system that helps businesses execute on every level of digital marketing. An inbound marketing agency’s mission is to serve a client’s inbound marketing needs creatively and strategically using the Internet to grow and expand their business.

An inbound marketing agency’s core competence is the process it uses to fulfill service contracts. According to Baack, Reilly, & Minnick (2014), “A core competence represents the most proficiently performed internal activity that is central to the firm's strategy and competitiveness” (p. 47). Providing inbound marketing services, requires knowledge of the inbound marketing methodology. “In May 2014, HubSpot released a free Inbound Marketing Certification course” (Staton, 2016, p. 22). An inbound marketing agency applies the inbound marketing methodology in the process of strategic planning to organize and execute marketing services for their clients offering at least three retainer service package contracts; build, grow and accelerate, for example (HubSpot Academy).

A client would contract for a retainer package depending on their digital marketing needs. An inbound marketing agency will plan, organize, staff, and control to operate and deliver inbound marketing services based on fulfilling retainer service contracts. An inbound marketing agency will guide clients through the steps of the strategic planning which includes, completing a SWOT analysis to find strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

The SWOT analysis gives insight into opportunities to maximize and threats to diminish (Scarborough, 2013). Strategic, tactical and operational goals and objectives are set, action plans with steps are written, steps are broken into task, the cost for the resources needed are researched and allocated. Creative Marketing Techniques' is here to help you successfully get inbound marketing done.

Creative Marketing Techniques' Delivers....

Inbound Marketing information and consulting services that help you:

  1. Attract your ideal ‘ready to buy” customers.
  2. Get better returns on your investment.
  3. Increases the lifetime value of each customer.
  4. Segment and target for your offers.
  5. Build brand awareness.

Plus a lot more...

These are a few of the benefits you receive when you put us to work on your marketing team. Click here to schedule your initial consultation.


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