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Welcome  Creative Marketing Techniques'

Creative Marketing Techniques' mission is to provide information, products and services that help business owners put the FULL power of the Internet to WORK to GROW a loyal customer base and to EXPAND their market reach. The world we live in is now a “digital world” which is giving us the opportunity for global marketing via the Internet or online marketing. Creative Marketing Techniques' provides information, products and services that are built on the foundation of the four cornerstones of online marketing.

The Four Cornerstones of Online Marketing; 

  1. Monetized Website/Mobile App.
  2. Lead Generation System.
  3. Marketing Management System.
  4. Email Marketing Software.

You are here because you want to learn how to build a powerful web presence for your business. To build a powerful web presence there are online marketing objectives that you must meet. Those online marketing objectives are based on the above four cornerstones of online marketing.  Every business that wants to build a powerful web presence must meet the following online marketing objectives in to grow and expand their business. The online marketing objectives are:

  1. To build a monetized website and/or mobile app.
  2. To ask visitors to subscribe to a mailing list.
  3. To manage marketing activities.
  4. To nurture lead and customer relationships. 

Creative Marketing Techniques’ Explains “The FULL Power of the Internet”

Simply put, the FULL power of the Internet is your company website or mobile app with your email collection web form connected to your marketing management system integrated with your email marketing software. It takes these four cornerstones in place to begin building a powerful online presence. To set these four cornerstones in place, there are a lot of components to creatively and strategically plan for. For instance, you need to plan your creatives with your ideal customers in mind. Your website design and web page layout, your product and service offers web page content, conversion paths with call to actions (CTA's) for your offers all must be planned from your ideal customer's perspective.

But how do you plan from your ideal customer's perspective? You research data and use your findings to plan your online marketing strategies. You also do research to find the communication channels where your customers and prospects are for planning your strategies for driving traffic to your website and to your offers. Research will also help you to develop content that will convert your visitors into subscribers, your subscribers into your leads, and your leads into your customers. Research will also help you develop email marketing content for nurturing your leads and keep your customers loyal. You may have heard, that “content is king”, well “content is king” for a good reason. 

What will your content on the Internet help you achieve? Your content on the Internet will help your company to:

  • Meet your brand awareness objectives.
  • Build a list of subscribers (your targeted audience).
  • Communicate messages about your products and your services to your targeted audience.

Your content is to your target audience as water is to a garden. No water no produce and no content no results.

When you plan and execute your promotional campaigns, there are some website visitors that will show up to your content in a ready to buy mood, but the majority of your website visitors will first want to get to know your brand, and then decide if they like your brand or not. You have an opportunity to help them to decide if they will trust your brand or not. Ultimately, using the Internet effectively will help your company to have a powerful web presence when you have researched and written a strategic online marketing plan that you can implement to put all the moving parts together.

To get help with researching and writing a strategic online marketing plan, you should consider hiring a marketing management consultant. Hiring a marketing management consultant will allow you to stay focused on doing what you do to take care of your customers, while relying on the expertise of someone knowledgeable about online marketing to guide you. 

Definition of Marketing Management Consulting

Marketing Management Consulting is a ‘U.S. industry comprised of establishments primarily engaged in providing operating advice and assistance to businesses and other organizations on marketing issues, such as developing marketing objectives and policies, sales forecasting, new product developing and pricing, licensing and franchise planning, and marketing planning and strategy’ (NAICS 2012).

“Employment of marketing managers is projected to grow 9 percent from 2014 to 2024, faster than the average for all occupations” (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2016-17). This expected growth is due to the fact that organizations are expected to continue to use marketing management to plan and execute marketing campaigns for maintaining and expanding their market share. There is also a need for marketing management to handle digital media campaigns which are done via websites, social media, or live chats. The Internet provides many platforms for targeting an audience. Marketing management consulting includes recommending the best marketing software for controlling marketing campaigns and increasing productivity. As long as organizations seek to market their products to specific customers the industry of Marketing Management Consulting will continue to be in demand (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2016-17).

Creative Marketing Techniques' Recommendation For "Do-It-Yourself "Types

Meeting the above mentioned online marketing objectives represent the foundation that must be laid to build a powerful web presence. Depending on where your business is at in the process of using the Internet, you may be in the position to decide whether you want to hire a marketing management consultant to move forward with your online marketing efforts or learn everything you need to know to do your online marketing yourself.

Doing it yourself will require you to develop a digital marketing skill set for creating your online marketing assets. You will also spend your time finding out and searching for the digital marketing tools you will need. Investing the time to develop a digital marketing skill set will take time away from what you do to take care of your customers and make your money. However, if you do decide to take the Do-It-Yourself route, I recommend you learn how to do digital marketing in an affiliate marketing program. Russell Brunson has created a 100 Day Affiliate Bootcamp where you can learn how to do your own digital marketing and earn income while you learn. Click here for more information. 

Creative Marketing Techniques' Is Here For  All "Customer Service" Types

Cassandra Lee Williams, the owner of Creative Marketing Techniques’ is a marketing management consultant with a digital marketing skill set. Cassandra is looking for proactive business owners who want and need someone to guide them. She will begin with the process of strategic planning your company's online marketing. Your Strategic Online Marketing Plan will be your game plan, customized specifically for your company. You will gain access to a network of digital marketing talent ready to implement your strategic online marketing plan, saving you time and money.  Click here for more information about Creative Marketing Techniques'


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